May 21 (8:45am to 8:45pm) - 22(12pm to 5pm), 2021

24 hours - 9am to 9am

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Welcome to AcademiesHacks!

The Academies of Loudoun is excited to host its 4th annual hackathon! This hackathon will be entirely in-person and you will have two days to complete a project of your choice. Various tech mentors can assist you and you can learn about bleeding edge technologies from a number of interesting workshops. Workshops will be listed on this website and each meet room will be monitored by an adult. Prizes will be awarded to best of each category judged on many aspects.


Green: Beginner Workshops
Blue: Intermediate Workshops
Red: Advanced Workshops
Yellow: Hackathon Events
Purple: Fun Events
Orange: Potato Themed Events
Gray: $15 Prize Contest


We have LOTS of prizes for you! We want as many people to win as possible! Be sure to submit your projects for consideration!

General Awards

Best Overall Hack

Best Beginner Hack

Best Middle School Hack

Best Theme Hack

Best Aesthetic Hack

Greatest Potential Hack

Individual Awards

Most Workshops Attended

Scratch Game Jam Winner

Programming Contest Winner

Hack Specific Awards

Best Game

Best Creative Arts Hack

Best Hardware Hack

Best Health Hack

Best Education Hack

Best Finance Hack

Best Environmental Impact Hack


View detailed information in the dashboard page, which outlines how to join the Discord server and access the information packet.


  • Block Coding with Scratch
  • Edublocks Intro to Python
  • Intro to Java
  • MIT App Inventor
  • Intro to AI w/Cognimates
  • Teambuilding & Brainstorming ideas


  • Game Design - Python
  • Game Design - Java
  • Robotics (ACL RoboLoco)
  • App Development - Swift
  • App Development - React Native
  • Web Development / HTML
  • Intro to Github


  • Algorithms and Data Structures 1
  • Algorithms and Data Structures 2
  • Machine Learning (Basic)
  • Neural Networks
  • Bioinformatics

Meet the Team

Our proud students and faculty worked very hard on this. Thanks to everyone for making this happen. Ex: Some text that would be nice.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a hackathon?

Its an event where students learn bleeding edge technologies, build tech projects, and meet like minded people all for free!

Who can attend?

Academies Hacks is open for all middle and high school students to participate in. Adults and post-high school students can volunteer and mentor.

Do I have to pay?

No, everything is free. Shirts and food will be provided and will also be free for students and mentors.

Is there a deadline?

​Deadline to register for students, volunteers, and mentors is May 20

Do I need a team?

You can work alone or in groups of maximum 4 people.

What should I bring?

Make sure you bring a laptop and a laptop charger. You may want to dress up in nice clothing for online interview.

Is food free?


Is this overnight?

You can code overnight if you'd like, but the hackathon will be split between two days!

I don't know how to code?!

You can still show up and attend all the workshops. Most workshops are available for beginners. In addition there are many mentors available to help you.  

Is everything in-person?

Yes! There is no virtual component this year.

Where is the information packet?

You should have received it to the email that you signed up with. If you don't have access, email

How do I join the Discord server?

You should have received an invite link in the email you registered with. If you don't have this, email Specific instructions are on the dashboard page.

Schedule, Workshops, and Sponsors will be decided soon.