Welcome Hackers!

This is your dashboard.

Discord is Mandatory

Discord is a group messaging platform that will serve as communication here between student hackers, the Academies Hacks team, teachers, and mentors. There will be a check-in channel, where you need to accept the rules. After accepting these rules, you will gain access to the entire discord server. To join follow these steps.

Click the join link (provided after registration is confirmed)
Press “Accept Invite”
Go to the “rules” channel and read the message. After reading, react by pressing the potato.
Head to the verification channel and type your full name. (You can navigate channels using the left sidebar)
The admins of the server will grant you access to the Hackathon server. Please be patient if this does not happen immediately.

Text Channels

There are a number of text channels in the AcademiesHacks Discord Server. These are basically group chats dedicated to a specific topic.


Look at this channel for updates and information about upcoming events and deadlines


This is where you can ask any questions you may have concerning the Hackathon.

#General 1 & 2

Feel free to talk to other participants in this general channel!


Having trouble finding teammates? Use this channel to communicate with others that are also looking for one.


Use this channel to send anything you want (memes, jokes, etc.), but make sure to follow the rules and be school appropriate.


Use this channel to send anything you want (memes, jokes, etc.), but make sure to follow the rules and be school appropriate.


Green: Beginner Workshops
Blue: Intermediate Workshops
Red: Advanced Workshops
Yellow: Hackathon Events
Purple: Fun Events
Orange: Potato Themed Events
Gray: $15 Prize Contest


We have numerous mentors available to help you with almost any question you have. If you need help, send a message in the #request-a-mentor channel in Discord. A mentor will then message you asking to join a specific mentor voice channel. If you are not comfortable/allowed to use a voice channel, you can inform the mentor and use just text. 


If you already have a team, feel free to communicate with each other when the hackathon starts! If you are still looking for a team or would like to pick up additional members we have a #find-a-team channel in Discord, so feel free to introduce yourself there with any previous experience you have and what you’re interested in building for the hack; you can use it to find people of similar interests and skill levels and build a team online. 

SWAG Distribution

T-shirts must be picked up at the Academies of Loudoun building. Swag times/dates will be announced later.